There's a stepladder on my Christmas tree!


One of my all time passions is creating new ways to do things with 'normal' components.

And my tree got hit this season. :)

You kind of have to do a double take, but there's a stepladder buried in this picture. Here, let me prove it.

After the fiasco of landing two bad real trees last year and them both dying within a week, I decided to end the grief and bring out the faux this year. And do something original to remove my faux boredom that was setting in. :)

I will say it was not easy to get that tree inside that ladder! I removed the top so it would fit, then attempted to push this spring loaded puffball into a skinny ladder frame alongside the grunting help from my son.

The decorations were what some may deem a little out of the ordinary as well. :)

Plumb line. Gotta love that shape!

Garland was rope, torn sheets and ribbon, tied in knots in order to join for longer lengths.
Rather than fuss and hide the obvious, I chose to celebrate it.

As for the base, I placed a firewood filled sled in lieu of a traditional tree skirt to chime in moreso with that outdoor feel.

The snow is flour. All my snow tricks are HERE.

I know. It's brave and even maybe (not maybe) a little crazy. 
But this kinda risk is just fun to take for the likes of a junk lover like me. :)

Have you done anything special to your own Christmas tree this year?

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  1. That tree is absolutely AMAZING!! I LOVE the you have me thinking and wishing now.... :o) LOVE it! Smiles & Holiday Hugs ~ Robin

  2. I think it loold fabulous!
    Love the birdhouse on top.

  3. That is just fantastic.. I love it!
    Merry christmas!!

  4. That is a great idea, would love to add some old books on the steps of the ladder!! Looks great.(millstonemercantile)


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