Creating a snowy mantel for Christmas

Most of us are dreaming of a white Christmas.

But when you live in the balmy west coast, it's quite by chance that snow actually materializes. So here's how I made my own winter wonderland on this year's Christmas mantel.

The easiest way to achieve snow covered evergreens is the snow spray you use for window stencils.

I sprayed it on thick and uneven, so it had a chance to build up in clumps, as if the wind blew it around.

The plastic shredded snow offers realistic thickness. 

And the amazing haze to the right is glass angel hair,  extremely difficult to find nowadays. 

I generally find my stash at thrift stores.

Some trial and error was practiced with flour, baking soda and baking powder.

And here's the result.

After I had the greens positioned, I placed newspaper behind the branches and sprayed.

The snow really made an impact working with a darker fireplace.

Would you like a closer tour of the 'junk'? Silly question. :)

How the canning jar lid wreath is made is  HERE.

White mini lights sit inside a jam jar residing in a crusty old lantern.

Fresh apples and cranberries go great with galvanized metal, wouldn't you agree? :)

The floor is where I added a recipe of plastic snow, flour and baking powder.

Let it snow indeed!

Want more junk decorating? My complete 2011 Christmas home tour is HERE.

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  1. Beautiful mantle. Your whole house is beautiful. Merry Christmas :)


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