FOLK store: Open For Business

Hey! Ben here. 

The FOLK store has officially opened for business in Beaver Dam, Kentucky. We celebrated our opening Friday evening. It was an extra special night as the downtown of Beaver Dam came alive to celebrate the Christmas season. All of the downtown stores were open and the city's Christmas tree was lit. 

At the store Liza, Heath, Linda, Sandy, and I celebrated our opening by serving cakes from the first issue and welcoming everyone into the store... Boy what a night we had. We couldn't believe the response we received. It was a very successful weekend. 

I will be doing posts throughout the week about FOLK store. I want to start tonight by sharing just a few photos. 

If you'd like to visit FOLK store is located at 222 Main Street in Beaver Dam, Kentucky. 


  1. Congrats on your successful opening. I wish I lived closer to visit. My very best to you for a bright future.

  2. Carrot cake jam?!? Oh my... that sounds amazing. :)

    Congrats Ben! The store looks awesome!


  3. OK, I'm going on mapquest to find out how to get to your shop! Congrats on your opening and much success in the future!!

  4. OMG! This store is GORGEOUS! Wish I were close enough to stop by. You must be so happy!

  5. I would have to catch a ride...on a get there but it would be worth it I can tell.


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