FOLK store: What On Earth Do We Carry?

Hey everyone. So you may be wondering... what on earth does FOLK store carry... well to you I say... it is a long answer. We are basically an old fashion dry-goods store. That means we carry groceries, gifts, bath and body products, and an array of other things. I thought for tonight's post I would share a few of my favorite products. Keep in mind that our stock changes weekly.

Currently we are carrying the following.... but we also have oh-so-much more in the store.

~Fresh Flowers: Each week we receive a shipment of flowers directly from greenhouses in Canada. The selection changes weekly. This week we will be featuring red roses for $16.00 per dozen.

~Fresh Chocolates: Our chocolate counter changes every two weeks. Our chocolates are handmade in Louisville, Kentucky by Cellar Door Chocolates. We sell them by the piece. This week we have turtles for $3.00 each, bourbon balls, truffles, and peanut butter cups for 90 cents each, and an assortment of barks, brittle, and fudge.

~Fresh Cupcakes: A lady just up from us on Main Street makes a variety of cupcakes for us each week. They are $3.00 each.

~Moss Hill Products: We carry lip balms, candles, soaps, and gift sets from the Louisville based bath and body company.

~Whimsy and Spice Products: Fresh from New York City we have espresso brownies and various cookies ready for you to take home.

~Artisan Food Goods: We are pleased to work with many Kentucky Proud brands to have a wide selection of products that were made in the bluegrass. Products range from flours, grits, mixes, soups, cobbler fillings, bottled drinks, jams, preserves, and jellies all the way to cheeses and fruit cakes.

~Candy Counter: Remember the olden days as you select from our favorite candies from the by-gone days.

~Children's Cabinet: On the note of remembering the olden days we have a cabinet filled with children's books and games from the past.

~Orchard House Carrot Cake Jam: After visiting the wonderful bed and breakfast in Granville, Ohio I left with an arm full of their fabulous carrot cake jam.

~The Caramel Jar Caramels: These caramels were one of my favorite things in Issue I. Now you can try them for yourself.

~Vintage Home Accessories. We have a few hand picked vintage accessories that would look great in any home.

~Antique Furniture: Many of our store fixtures are also for sale! Check out our collection of pie safes, step back cabinets, and tables.

~Hand-Built Harvest Tables: These amazing 6' tables were built of reclaimed wood. They are also at an amazing price!

~Handmade Folk Art: Yes, we have it! A whole corner of the store is dedicated to the primitives that so many of you love. Check out this section quickly. These pieces go fast!

~Handmade Soaps: Urban Farm Naturals and Millstone Mercantile have made several scents of soaps for us. Each bar is handmade and perfect for any soap lover. They are $4.00 per bar.

~In a couple weeks we will have Jeanne Oliver handbags and Branch screen-printed towels.


  1. Awesome! Wish I could come shop. Maybe someday! Reminds of The General Store in Jefferson, Texas. They carry some of the same items. Yours sounds way better though.

  2. So wonderful! The Folk Shop has just been added to my "Bucket List".

  3. Wish I could stop in for a visit. Sounds like you have a little bit of everything! My kind of shop! I may make a detour the next time we are headed east to North Carolina.


  4. Sigh... wish the distance between Washington and Kentucky was a whole lot less. Looking forward to the possibility of an online store. Thanks for the great "tour" of your new store!


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