Issue III Finally Has a Cover!


After months of debacle Issue III finally has an official cover... here it is... The name of the issue is "The American" .. and it centers around our great nation. I figured rather than focusing on the snow and cold of winter it would be a nice treat to focus on the beautiful landscape and people of our nation.

As always I LOVE to hear your feedback.


UPDATE 12/31/11: Well, we've changed the cover image and the theme. ;0) 
Issue III will be 'Our Land', and the cover image is now a beautiful seascape. We want to banish thoughts of winter! The content will remain as planned, focusing on discovering our great nation.


  1. Love the new cover! Wouldn't it be wonderful to sell pocket constitutions at the Folk store?

  2. Beautiful Cover. I hope you covered many parts of America!!

  3. Excellent!! Cant wait to sell out of this issue!
    Sandy @ The Olive and Rose...

  4. I love it...the b&w format is perfect...great decision.

  5. i am very sad you chose to change the cover... I have to wonder why on earth you would do that?


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