From old bakeware to Christmas centrepieces

How about one last blast of Christmas before the New Year?

I was called upon to help decorate for my son's youth Christmas banquet not long ago. Nine Christmas centrepieces were needed as well as other room decor.

So I hit the thrift store to see what came to mind. And brought home a bunch of old bakeware, glass dishes and galvanized whatevers.

Luckily we had also just had a big wind storm and spotted the greens on the side of the road.

Scooped up the mirror and ironing board from the thrift too! I already had the cat. :)

Hitting the dollar store for a few candles, candy canes, fake snow and fresh produce, I was ready to play.

This is an old drain cover from 1948 that I had in my own stash. It's sitting on a pizza pan. :)

Someone at the thrift pointed out that fluted pan was from Germany. 
OK then! I have here a fluted pan from Germany! And here I thought it was just pretty. :)

Fresh cranberries added a bit of extra colour.

This guy was cute but it got HOT. So beware if you try this. 

These were practice runs that wouldn't have travelled well, so below is one that was actually used at the church.

I had an amazing team doing most of the work and the end result was very homespun, original and extremely price efficient. And the feedback? Nearly blew me over.

Don't overlook the old bakeware for your decorating!
Just make sure you bake first. :)

Have you used anything unusual for your tabletop centrepieces?

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  1. Donna is something else! I'm a follower of her and on FB...Glad to know you moved to KY...that's closer to me in TN....I'll get there soon....

  2. Love them all, I have used the box grater also as a centerpiece, but us the battery operated tea lights instead of a real candle, doesn't shine as bright but doesn't get hot. I have a craft room full of possible!!! Have a great day!

  3. Very nice use of vintage and unusual things for centerpieces. I can see why you'd got lots of great feedback. (Nice tip about picking up boughs from the side of the road, too. I'd never have thought to do that!)

  4. These are absolutely AMAZING! I'm wishing Christmas wasn't over so I could try some!! Love each and every one....that old drain cover is an AWESOME piece! Absolutely LOVE! Thanks for the inspiration! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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