Editor: On Vacation!

Welp, FOLKs the Christmas issue is at the printer.... Praise God! ...and that means I have fled to the countryside of western Kentucky for the weekend to sleep... During layouts I typically work 16 hours days for 2 or 3 weeks... So while I'm here I've managed to 1)Walk my dog (with camera in hand) 2) Actually eat breakfast.. twice... (OC Cafe... the only option in the county) 3) buy a none shelter related magazine (Yay for GQ!) 4) take photos. 5) Sit. 6) bake something that won't be in an issue. 7)Buy new bedding... (hey it was on clearance at Macys... I had to get it!) and 8) get our concept for next issue nailed down... I'll be posting our inspirations shortly.. the theme is "This Land is OUR Land" and we are focusing on music and travel.

...btw... I am not actually as bad of a writer as this post is leading you to believe... I'm a staunch supporter of Faulkner and LOVE steam of consciousness.

but anyways... these are a few of the photos I have taken so far this weekend.



  1. Sounds like a great, much needed break! And it looks like you spent time with Jesus, always a good thing. :)


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