A blanket with a secret

One of my favourite things to do during the summer months was to get up before my boy, saunter out onto the patio with a warm blanket and decaf coffee and fall asleep again on the outdoor sofa. It's quiet, cozy, and so pretty out there! But something else was making my AM routine extra special.

It was this cozy blue reversible flannelette (flannel)  blanket.

This flannelette blanket is very special because:

#1. It was handmade by my Aunt Edna

#2. The flannelette sections are from my mom's own collection.

Back in the day when babies were being born, my mom would make all kinds of flannelette items for the family with the most popular being bibs.

To this day, I prefer flannelette for sheets. :)

So when my mom passed away, my Aunt requested the precious vintage like material scraps. We didn't question why.

Isn't the cat design with the hearts adorable?

And then Edna paid a visit one day and gifted me with this incredible keepsake!

I've seen many bibs lovingly worn out wearing these materials, so to see the scraps in new condition and in blanket form was pretty thrilling for me!

Here's the kicker. There's this little secret panel that you can open up...

revealing a wool blanket that my mom also had, which also makes this blanket extra cozy. 

With a personal message inside.

Mom always gave the biggest warmest bearhugs ever. Isn't it amazing that she's still keeping us cozy and warm every single day?

Thanks again Aunt Edna! And Mom. :)

But you can't be messin' around for too long. This blanket is in hot demand...

Personalizing something can flip a common commodity into something very special! 
What ways have you put your special signature on something you've made?

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  1. This is nice Donna...cute new name "Junk Fix" in FOLK....you know I'm a sewer of a different kind...so this fits right in....Mel's Designs

  2. I love this, Donna. It is definitely warming you in more ways than one.

  3. Such a sweet story - and I love your cat!!!

  4. Love this post, so heartwarming!!

  5. See that's what my blog title is all about.......the Cozy Blanket.

  6. What a treasure! Some of those prints bring back memories of mine and my sister's blankies!

  7. Oh Donna, that is an amazing gift! I love the blanket and it looks so soft and cozy. I wish I had an Aunt Edna!


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