The colors of fall

In southern Kentucky today, it was 75 degrees and sunny. By Friday it is supposed to be rainy and 55.

I decided I had better take advantage of my day off.

I stumbled upon this while walking my dogs, Lucy and Willie. I love the idea of turning an old truck bed into a small trailer. Plus... I like the color. :)

The rest of these were taken at my parents' farm in Waterview, Kentucky.

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  1. Beautiful. Did the same thing this past weekend and enjoyed the weather and local sights in Central Kentucky. We do have the most beautiful state.

  2. I would have to agree:) I know there are some absolutely gorgeous areas around the country this time of year, but I really am swept away when I just stop and actually pay attention to all I get to see everyday. And although I'm biased toward south central KY (being a "native" and all:)), I lived in the Danville area for over ten years. You all don't do too bad, either:) Thanks for checking out our blog!

  3. Laura, I just checked out your latest blog entry. I LOVE the "feel" of the blog itself and I am firmly convinced I need the white boots from Scotties.
    For those of you who haven't yet, check out her blog at:

    I'm looking forward to creeping in on your etsy shop, too:)!

  4. Isn't it wonderful how photos really do capture the beauty and magic of everyday sightings? As Liza's mother, I can honestly say I see these views on a daily basis and now realize I have taken all the beauty that surrounds me
    for granted. Thanks, Liza, for opening my eyes. Turner Farm is a gorgeous place to be.

  5. I think as my mother, you're required to say nice stuff like that, but I appreciate it nonetheless, Mom. You do an amazing job on that farm. Lots of love.

  6. Love the farm! Simply beautiful!! xo

  7. Thanks so much for taking a look, Joyce! Your photography is amazing. I'd take your dogs home with me anytime. And....I'm firmly convinced I need some pumpkin empanadas:). Have a wonderful day.
    Looking forward to exploring your blog more! Liza


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