September 11

 What are your reflections about that day. Feel free to share below. I was in 6th grade back then. Even at that age it was amazing to see the sense of patriotism that came after the events. 


  1. I remember the day like it was yesterday, I happen to be home sick. My husband called me to turn on the TV and I never took my eyes off that TV that day. I also remember the call informing me to get my documentation together as I would be involved in evaluating office spaces and outdoor air quality at ground zero as well as numerous locations within the City. I will never forget the faces of the numerous emergency personnel that morning of September 13th as my colleaques and I walked down Church Street fully suited with respiratory protection. To this day I often see those faces and wonder what occupational illnesses they may have developed. Today I am still and Environmental Health & Safety Mgr but also enjoy running a "Primitive Booth" and one day soon opening my own full time Primitive Shop. Cathy @ Lone Crow Mercantile

  2. My youngest was a year old, my other son was 4 and we were as always snuggled into the bed watching the Today show. Like so many others, I watched unable to wrap my head around what was unfolding. And then I felt nothing but a frantic need to gather my family and friends and be in one place. We were in California near a Naval Petroleum reserve and there was a great deal of fear about other targets. I remember mostly that life changed that day, fear became part of my reality. Fear for the future, fear for my children and fear for our country. I don't hold onto the anxiety and fear daily however, I am forever changed. I know life is fragile and beautiful and there is never enough time to love those you love and not enough respect and gratitude for those who keep us free. Barbara~Shabby Cowgirl

  3. I was working at my first job. We were all called to the office to see it on the news. I will never forget that day, when a room full of grown men cried, as we watched the news. A sad day, but to see so many people pull together, in such a bad situation was uplifting. A day I will never forget, and still weighs heavy on my heart.

  4. I was 37, and working in retail. When I came in to work, I saw it on TV and asked my boss if he was watching a movie. He told me no, that it was live on the news! Like Halloween Fanatic said, it weighs heavy on my heart also.

  5. I was working, striping and lettering a firetruck when suddenly everyone in the bay went crazy. They had been listening to the radio, which switched from music to an important announcement. The buzz was something about towers and trade centre and me buried deep into small town Canada, I had no idea what they were talking about.

    I went home and had the TV going for the next several days. I learned and understood exactly was going on and was absolutely horrified something this devastating could happen. What made it so real was the stories that followed. One after another.

    I eventually turned the TV off. But the images and stories have never left. I learned to just never take even one moment for granted.

  6. I was driving with my not yet 2 year old twin girls when I heard it on the radio. I called my hubs and he knew right away it was terrorists - he said nobody accidentally flies a plane into that huge building. I didn't think so but soon found out he was right.

    We live in NJ and know many people who lost friends and family on that horrible day. Now, when we drive into the city, we can see the new Freedom Tower and it's an amazing sight and reminder that life goes on but we'll never forget.


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