Just a {Little} Giveaway

Howdy! Are you ready to win? I am in the mood to give a lot of stuff away... as we get FOLK out to everyone. We need your help on this — and by helping you could win big! 

So how does it work? Every day until October 10th I am going to post a photo to share on the FOLK Facebook page – simply share the photo to be entered to win. Every day we will give several subscriptions away to a few lucky people who share the photo. On Oct 12th I will add everyone that has shared any of the photos together to be entered to win the big prize.

What is the prize you ask? A giftbasket valued at $500.00. It will include some of my favorite products from our advertisers. You are sure to love what will be included in it.

Entering is super easy, and each time you enter you help spread the word about FOLK! This then helps all of the small businesses who sell and advertise in FOLK. That is my ultimate goal — to help artisans, small businesses, and Americans. We are all in this together.

The Rules: One share equals one chance to win. This is open to people in Canada and the US only. If a subscription winner already has a FOLK subscription the free one will be added to the end of their current subscription.

Are you ready to WIN?



  1. I'm happy to shout and share all about FOLK Ben, I'd love a chance to win a subscription for a close up look too :) Have a wonderful week.

  2. I think I shared it! :)

  3. I shared on my Facebook....and will each day....I never knew it was so easy to do! :)

  4. I shared on my FB page & will each day!! Just CAN'T WAIT to receive my new subscription & see THIS FALL ISSUE especially!! I keep checking my mailbox every day ..."is it here...is it here...is it here"?? Thank you for this fun give-away! Have a great weekend! Diane

  5. Share every chance I get. I am an advertiser for the first time with my small business. I don't know which I'm more excited about...my first ad...or being in such a wonderful magazine!

  6. I would love to win, thanks for the opportunity.

  7. got 'er done! wonderful contest!! sandi in texas

  8. What an awesome Giveaway! I would Love to win this. Shared.
    My favorite Christmas memory would be decorating the tree
    with my Dad when I was younger. We had that ugly gold garland
    that he was so proud of, and lots of tinsel that had to be put
    on the tree one strand at a time. In the end, the tree always looked Beautiful.
    My Dad passed away 12 yrs ago from cancer.


  9. Thanks so much for this oh so generous giveaway! I shared the photo. One favorite Christmas memory is our little family sitting around the kitchen table after the meal was eaten to sing a couple Christmas hymns together. None of us can really sing, so it was very memorable (but very special as well!)


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