Loving Ladders!

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I've long been a lover of collecting old vintage ladders. 

Their clean primitive lines and versatility for decorating purposes have me craving for more!

This is where I store my favourite magazines. Love how this ladder offers some height yet still takes up very little real-estate.  Hmmm... is that a FOLK magazine or two in there? Why yes it is... :)

Exhibit B is the ladder in my main bath. It is the PERFECT towel holder accessory... until those towels land on the floor of course. :)  The black works well off the mirror and tile detailing as well as anchoring the room.

Moving onto my bedroom, I'm one of those unfortunate types that does not have a walk in closet. No matter, I simply flipped my entire bedroom to just BE one with the help of this little number. 

I tend to not love hanging things back up in my own closet and know what? This sorta makes it ok. 

Hmmm... time to implement something similar in my son's room!

Love ladder ideas? I recently held a link party where bloggers could submit their own ladder ideas. You can check that out HERE.

How do you decorate with ladders in your own home?


  1. I bought a foreclosed home last year and pulled a couple of old ladders out from the barn-boy was I excited over the score! I have them staggered on the front porch, holding ephemera. My daughter threatens to have me committed-but I love the lines, staggered shelving ability, spattered colors of paint.

  2. Found you site. Great. I plan to go on Longest Yard Sale in a few weeks. The main thing I am looking for is an old ladder to display my quilts in my living room. Not of value to anyone but me but the memories they hold are priceless. Thank you.


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