Forget Western Kentucky...Come to Burkesville for real BBQ: Another peek into Issue IV!

Our unseasonably warm winter in south central Kentucky has made me long for gardens, grills, and late-night-front-porch sitting. Just because it is warmer than expected, however, does not mean I want to lug out a giant bag of charcoal in 45 degree weather.

Luckily, I have a little help every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday...check out my feature on Hamilton's BBQ in the upcoming March/April issue!

Photos courtesy of Leigh Morgan Photography

Chef Albert Schmid, author of The Kentucky Bourbon Cookbook, was in Burkesville a little over a year ago and stopped in Hamilton's just prior to his talk at the library. When I told him I was doing an article for FOLK, he offered, "I feel very lucky to have found Hamilton's BBQ. My two sons and I ate every morsel on our plate. It has been over a year since I had the pleasure of eating Hamilton's BBQ, but there is not a month that goes by that one of the three of us does not bring up Hamilton's and how the food is soooooo good!"
*This is one of my favorite cookbooks by the way. I recommend you check it out!


  1. good bar-b-que...wonderful people

  2. That bar-b-que looks amazing.


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