Ramblings from tonight... Part II of II

Hi. Its Ben here.. and I need inspiration... The fall issue is complete and now we are knee deep in working on the Christmas issue.. The theme is "An All Natural Christmas".. we have the framework complete, the writers have their assignments, the topics of many of the stories have been contacted and all is well... EXCEPT... I CAN NOT get in the Christmas spirit for anything.. I've tried the music, I've tried pulling up photos from last year... my next and final resort is to put up a Christmas tree... We will see how that goes.. It will be here Sunday. Don't get me wrong.. I LOVE Christmas.. but it was 90 degrees today. Looking at tweed and flannel is really stretching it in conditions like this... So I am asking you... please inspire me. I want to hear your stories and see your favorite photos.. email them to submissions.folk@gmail.com ... My favorites will be in the Christmas issue :)

I've pulled some of my favorite Christmas photos that were taken by some of my favorite blogs... All but one came from picturetrail.com/cinnamoncreek


  1. I'm starting to think we should work a year in advance. That way we'll always be in the spirit of things. Pictures keep quite well too. :)

    (I share your pain!)


  2. what better reason to crank up - or down - the AC .. bake some gingerbread and light a pine scented candle .. string up some twinkle lights .. i like the theme .. i used to make primitive Christmas trees out of the tops of johnson grass .. you know how they come to the point much like a tree .. clip them off .. turn them upside down and let them dry .. drill a small hole in an old alphabet block .. stick the tree in .. then spray the tree with spray adhesive and dust it with glitter .. i like the clear glitter .. anyway, this is the perfect time of year to gather the tops of that johnson grass .. here is a link to a post i made about my Christmas trees .. http://www.junkmarketstyle.com/item/16002/not-too-early-for-these-christmas-trees .. Troy

  3. I decorated my home for a Christmas magazine feature in June. I had the tree, live greens and decorations. Nothing helped!!!!! The "spirit" of Christmas can't be reproduced. When Christmas finally came around I didn't decorate. Just put up a tree! I was burned out! I agree with Funky Junk. Work a year ahead. Good luck! I am really looking forward to your premiere issue!!

  4. yes, it must be hard to get in the spirit when its so hot...I'm not one for "over-decorating" for christmas...I like to keep it simple...
    here's my take on last year's christmas..
    hoping inspiration hits you today...

  5. Hi Ben,

    Have you tried Christmas Movies?
    May I Suggest....
    A White Christmas/Decor - Rustic Resort Lodge
    Home Alone/Decor - Classic Red & Green Traditional
    The Step Mom/ Decor - Lakeside Traditional
    The Family Stone/ Decor - Farmhouse Antiques

    Some of my favorites, just pay attention to the set designs, decorating and the sense of family home for the holidays this may get you in the spirit of Christmas!!

    All the Best,

  6. OMG I just love the Santa in the picture above. Who made him? I collect Santa's and he's one I'd love to have. To get in the Christmas spirit, turn down your air conditioning, light a fire in the fireplace and play some Christmas music.......that should do it.

  7. Try reading the New Testament. The first four books are great inspiration for Christmas for me! Hope this helps!


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