Ramblings from tonight... Part I of II

We have reached the final stretch. The address labels have been prepared. The accounts are established, we are simply waiting for the printer to complete printing. I made the decision to use a local printer (in Lexington, Kentucky) I wanted a printer that would be easily accessible... and at three short miles from my apartment here I couldn't ask for a better set up... BUT... our printer caught on fire back in May... which has led to several delays.. I of course blame this on no one... it just happens. As they have been getting back on their feet they have had to replace almost the entirety of their machinery, which means a learning curve and so on has been involved... hopefully this will only happen with the first issue, but regardless we are a bit behind.. which I apologize for... but I think you will agree that the delay was more than worth it when you see the attention to detail that they operate with. I couldn't be more please with that. Tiny details that I would ignore they "force" me to fix... which I am super grateful for.


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