MADE IN AMERICA | The Epic Giveaway

Time for our next giveaway. This one is going to be nothing short of EPIC. Every day this week we will be adding a Made in America item to further sweeten the pot. Todayís item comes to us courtesy Sweet Harvest Farms. Tomorrow we will be adding another item. The giveaway will close Sunday night at 7:00 pm. That means the lucky winner will win a total of six Made in America items. This is a giveaway you donít want to miss. 

How this one works: the winner will be selected from our subscribers database. So to win you just need to be a FOLK subscriber. If youíre already a subscriber... youíre already entered. If you arenít a subscriber, well just subscribe anytime this week. GOOD LUCK!


  1. Great little purse...I made one similiar
    I'm a follower of burlap bags...keep'em comin'
    Mel's Designs


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