Issue V Advertising - Special Rates and a GIVEAWAY!

Are you interested in advertising your business to a national audience? 

Issue V will be the first issue of FOLK carried under our new distribution contract, placing us in major bookstores and retailers across the Nation. (Yes, including Barnes & Noble!) In celebration of this FOLK Milestone, we are slashing ad rates for Issue V

Full and Half Page Ads are 50% off
All other Ad Sizes are 20% off
(discount applies to ad rates posted below)

ISSUE V Ad Rates
Issue V Ad deadline is March 13, 2012
All ad orders must be finalized with FOLK by March 13 and PAID by March 14 

Content Ads
(spread throughout the magazine)
Full Page (Full Color) $1000
Half Page (Full Color) $600
1/4 Page (Full Color) $300
1/8 Page (Full Color) $220
Etsy listing $100

Inside Back Cover
Full (Full Color) $1500
Half (Full Color) $800

Inside Front Cover
Full (Full Color) $1800
Half (Full Color) $950

Contact us at to find out how you can get  
national exposure for your business at up to 50% off ad rates posted above!

We're GIVING AWAY 2 Full- Page Ads

Purchase an add in Issue V... celebrate with us and get the discounted rates... 
AND get your name entered into a drawing for TWO free full page ads!
Win one in Issue V and one in Issue 8 (the Christmas Issue)
(If you win, the paid ad you bought for Issue V will be refunded, 
and you will receive a full-page full-color ad in Issue V instead)

Find more information about ad sizes and rates on our Advertise Page


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