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For those of you who follow our Facebook page, I am sure you have probably seen my pledge to gift an entirely Made in America Christmas this holiday season. I have always found it important to buy American Made, but I will admit that during my gifting, in years past, I have fallen vulnerable to the puppy dog eyes of my adorable baby cousins who want nothing more than the most popular toy of the season.

As much as I loved being the "cool" cousin (because I was the only one crazy enough to stand in line at 2 am for a pink electronic hamster), I decided this year that I should gift the way I live. I don't make very many foreign purchases for myself, so why should I for anyone else?

I began with Facebook. You see, I have a bit of an accountability problem with myself. If someone else is not counting on me to do something... I tend to let myself out of it. That's why I turned to you, my dear FOLK family. I made my pledge on Facebook as a method of accountability for myself. If I pledged to each of you that I would buy only American Made gifts this season, I knew I would make myself do it. I would make myself do it, even when those big blue eyes begged for a hot pink plastic hermit crab and a doll with plastic bendable hair.

Next, I outlined exactly who I had to buy for and the type of gifts I would need to purchase. I am sure my list is very similar to your own, my friends and family are your normal bunch. I needed jewelry, scarves, hand bags, & toys. I had to satisfy an avid baker, a farmer, and my boyfriend... who is currently getting his PGA certification and might possibly be the biggest fan of the game of golf you have ever met! Then of course there are the stocking stuffers. I needed a lot of small, random items for those. I had my list and I was set! The one thing I didn't realize from the start is how FUN gifting made in America items was going to be.

There are a ton of small businesses across the count
ry who have wonderful gift options, several in my hometown. Going with more of a hand made theme however, I decided to turn to a few of our FOLK advertisers and to etsy. I tiptoed through my list of advertisers and I changed my "local items" tab on etsy to search only items "in United States." From here I began browsing etsy shops; all 1,250 pages of "in United States" etsy shops. Although this is not a complete list of the items I actually purchased (my friends and family read this blog, so I can't give away hints a month ahead of time) it is a collection of some of my favorite things that I found along my "trip."

Sweetbriers: Organic Cotton (set of 6) Makeup Remover Washcloths
Louisville, KY

Duct Tape and Denim: Vintage Measuring Tape Bracelets (A Tutu for Your Wrist!)
Concord, California

14xbags: The Sunny Clutch
Sandpoint, Idaho

Orangefuzz: The Original Eco Friendly Shaving Kit
Cincinnati, Ohio

hoopdaloop: Personalized Stationary (set of 10)
Knoxville, Tennessee

Beautiful Soaps: Pearly White Teeth
Appleton, Wisconsin

Moss Hill: Manicure Cream
Louisville, Kentucky

Weisenberger Mill: Assorted Mix Giftbox
Midway, Kentucky

Basilicus Jones: Vintage Teaspoon Wall Hooks
Columbus, Ohio

KarleighJae: Leather Journal
Ephraim, Utah

sierrametaldesign: Scrap Metal Stamped Bookmarks
Sonora, California

infusion: Organic Natural Canvas Rucksack
Oregon Coast

bertiescloset: Ipad Case
Los Angeles, California

gardenandsea: Crocheted Coffee Cozy with (or without) Bows
Seattle, Washington

lovetocreatestamps: Custom Rubber Stamp mounted to Wooden Handle
St. Petersburg, Florida

I also recommend:

TYPOGRFX custom designed typographic artwork
The Ruffle Messenger Bag by Jeanne Oliver Designs
Pillow Creatures by Harvest Moon Creations (Earth Angel Toys)
Gingerbread Scone Mix by Victorian House Scones
& The Bronze/Pearl Bracelet by Findings Jewelry

I hope you find my gift guide helpful. As you bundle up this holiday season to brave the crowds and find the perfect gifts, remember to check the label. For a real deal this holiday season, shop American Made. The label matters!

Happy Holidays,


  1. I also try to but American made, and agree that this is very important. Thank you for reminding us of this. Happy holidays to you and yours :)

  2. We commented on your previous post, Hillary . . . and wish we would have written it here. But, the message is the same. EVERY purchase that is made this Holiday Season is relevant on a serious economic level for all Americans. The effort to remain in business as individual citizens has become increasingly difficult since well before the economic collapse of the recession. We didn't get here overnight, and history holds many valuable lessons. When the likes of WalMart and other HUGE companies began investing outside of the U.S. (including jobs overseas), it has been a steady decline. Every penny we spend at *home* matters . . . and we support and validate your perspective every step of the way! Thank you for your energy, determination and inspiration. You are headed in the right direction--keep going!!!!

    Hugs from Bellingham Bay,

    Debi & Jim

  3. Awesome post. It's an important subject and I plan on buying only American made products. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Thank You! The first of my gifts that I ordered came in the mail this weekend. There's nothing like the quality of a handmade, hand packaged gift. I promise, if you take the time to check the label... you will not regret it. - Best, Hillary

  5. Great post - thank you for featuring my coffee cozy in this gift guide. I love the range of locations that these items are from! -Angela

  6. Awesome post Hillary....Im so glad you did this! Im hoping to do a little gift list in my shop this year to show people the importance of supporting small businesses and handmade.

    I will be checking down your list because I admire and trust your taste & style.

    Lucky 7 Design


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