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Fall is just around the corner and at FOLK we think that is a reason to celebrate! Not only does Fall bring the one-year anniversary of the release of our first issue, it is one of our all-around favorite seasons! Nothing beats the feeling of crisp, fresh air and the crunch of leaves beneath your feet as you chase friends through the Pumpkin Patch. 

We have just begun to see the first signs of Fall and we want to know where YOU are finding fall too. Here's how this is going to work:

We have created a new Pinterest pinboard called Finding Fall with FOLK.  
On Monday, August 27th, TEN of you will win FOLK subscriptions beginning with the Fall 2012 Issue
(6 Issues of FOLK - A $25.00 Value)! Be sure to take a look at the Fall 2012 Preview HERE. If you want to be SURE you will receive the Fall 2012 Issue, you MUST subscribe by 11:59 PM EST on Sunday, August 26th. Don't worry - If you win this giveaway we will gladly refund, extend, or gift your paid subscription.


There are THREE requirements to enter to win a subscription and FOUR opportunities to earn extra entries! All opportunities are explained in the Rafflecopter widget below. The giveaway begins at 12:01 AM EST on August 24th and ends at 12:01 EST on August 27th. Winners will be chosen at random. If you have any questions/problems please contact

a Rafflecopter giveaway

  1. Pin the "Finding Fall with FOLK" image at the top of this post to one of your personal Pinterest pinboards. Tag the caption of the image with #FindingFallWithFOLK. Once you have pinned the image, email the URL link for the pinned image to
  2. Pin your own photo showing somewhere you are beginning to find Fall. As Summer begins to come to a close, where (or in what) are you beginning to see signs of Fall? Include #FindingFallWithFOLK in the caption. Photo MUST be your own intellectual property. You are subject to disqualification if the photo is not an original image of your own intellectual property. Once you have pinned the image, email the URL link for the pinned image to
  3. Re-pin at least two of the images on the FOLK Magazine Finding Fall with FOLK pinboard.
Optional Entries:
  1. Follow FOLK Magazine on Twitter.
  2. Tweet about the Finding Fall with FOLK Giveaway.
  3. Like FOLK Magazine on Facebook.
  4. Post a comment on this blog post telling us where you normally see the first signs of Fall and what you love about the season. 

Now, have fun finding Fall!
Best, Hillary


  1. I usually see the first signs of fall in the turning of our peach tree leaves. They are starting to go a little yellow and make me think of time moving towards that crisp fall weather.

  2. I love FOLK magazine, and I love FALL! I am so excited for this time of year!

    1. But we usually start to see the changes in the season in our own house first - the apple and pumpkin goodies come out!

  3. I see the summer blooms fading away and my summer garden begins to go to sleep. :o)

  4. The first signs of fall I see are when the apples on my trees start to ripen and fall.

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  6. I see fall when our community garden starts to brown and the pumpkins get orange. I love EVERYTHING about fall...

  7. I normally see Fall in the beautiful fields of corn and beans in the Iowa and Nebraska countryside.

  8. I see fall at the farmers markets. I love the colors, smells and tastes of fall

  9. My first sign of fall would be planning to take my boys to the Roba Tree Farm, through the corn maze, eating some caramel apples, hayrides, picking out pumpkins to carve and my favorite, the pumpkin launch!!

  10. I usually feel the first signs of fall with cool crisp mornings. I see the first signs when my burning bush starts to turn red. I smell it when my hubby fires up the wood stove. I hear it when the local high school band plays on Friday nights. I taste it with freshly baked zucchini bread at the end of summer.

  11. I first see fall when the ducks are full grown and showing their true colors.

  12. After a long hot summer here in Georgia I find the first glorious signs of fall when our wild yellow daisies bloom on our flat rocks behind our house and in our field. It is a beautiful sight and it amazes me these delicate little flowers have the strength to bloom after such a long dry summer.

  13. i love the smell of the butternut squash simmering on the stove, speaking of fall. the change of the air temperature as cooler winds blow. walking along the trails of skyline drive, witnessing the beauty of falling leaves meeting our steps. beauty abounds in fall. love fall. love folk.

  14. So excited to be camping soon in the Adirondacks, and yo see the first signs of fall.

  15. I realize fall is coming when the corn fields start to turn a light tan color, apples are about ready to be picked and I can see the pumpkins starting to peek through the plants. And, of course, the sun starts to set earlier and the mornings are cool almost cold.


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