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For those of us who enjoy gardening, these winter months can be mildly depressing. It hurts even more when the sun is shining and there’s no snow on the ground, but the temperature continues to hover just above freezing. It’s Mother Nature’s way of reminding us not to take her for granted. So we seek solace in planning and preparing for our summer blooms and fall harvests.

Seed catalogues are like party invitations to the warming months ahead; something we can read in the winter that teases of big celebrations to come. And so I order from them with aplomb, envisioning a bounty only surpassed by Demeter’s fertile fields on Mount Olympus. These are the months to get your home (and garden) in order. Already, I’ve acquired:
  • Moon Shadow Hyacinth Bean Vine
  • White Snowball Tomatoes
  • Moon and Stars Watermelon
  • Merveille des Quatre Saisons Lettuce
  • Lovage
  • Rat Tail Radishes
This list could go on and on. I’ll admit, I don’t know what half these things are. But their names are so appealing! It’s like when you buy wine just because of the label’s design. We’ve all done it, with some degree of success, and our fair share of failure. That’s all part of the fun; discovering what will grow from these tiny seed casings. If we’re lucky, we’ll be the envy of our neighbors. If we fail, no one will now because we’ll replace the plant with some basil. The garden is a forgiving space, with endless possibilities.

What amazing seeds are you amassing for your summer garden? Please let me know as I’m always looking for new and exciting plants to grow!

Here are some companies that offer heirloom seeds:

Andrew is a FOLK contributing writer and co-owner of Orchard House Bed & Breakfast in Granville, OH.


  1. too early to be seeding out here yet. Too cold. Ground is frozen solid still... just waiting for the sun to do its thing.


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